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Chillicothe Trade Days

May 13-15, 2022
October 7-9-2022

Check out the coolest old-world-style flea market events in central Ohio. CHILLICOTHE TRADE DAYS events are jam-packed with vendors and shoppers buying and selling just about everything. You’ll find produce and livestock, tools, antiques, poultry of every description, guns, knives, local honey, jams and jellies, quilts, glassware, fishing tackle, hunting supplies, baked goods, furniture, chainsaws and lawnmowers—and the list goes on and on.

For more information and latest schedule, please visit the Chillicothe Trade Days website.

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Calendar of Events

2022 Schedule

May 20-22: No Limits Off-Road Production

May 27-29: Smash-It/Bash for Cash

June 3-4: NBHA Horse Show

June 4: Open Goat Show

June 4: Tire Collection

June 6: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

June 9-12: ChillitownMX

June 18: 2Xtreme Monster Trucks Show

June 20-24: Pioneer Pony Day Camp

June 21: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

July 1-3: Jeep Fest

July 5: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

July 5-10: ChillitownMX

July 19: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

August 1: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

August 6-13: Ross County Fair

August 18-21: ChillitownMX

August 22: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

August 26-28: Buckeye Outdoorsman Expo

September TBA: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

September 23-25: 4-H Halloween Campout

October 1: Steer & Heifer Classic

October 3: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

October 7-9: Chillicothe Trader Days

October 14-16: ChillitownMX

November 5: Miller Automotive Swap Days

November 7: AG Society Meeting @ 6PM

December 12: AG Society ANNUAL Meeting @ 6PM