Ross Co Fair

Golf Cart Waiver

Notice to those campers bringing a golf cart to the fair:

You are encouraged to have insurance for your golf cart. Attached is a waiver that all golf cart users must sign in order to obtain a permit to use the golf cart on the fairgrounds.

Golf Cart Registration Form
Golf Cart Waiver

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Calendar of Events

2020 Schedule

January 6: AG Society Meeting

February 3: AG Society Meeting

March 2: AG Society Meeting

April 3-5: CTMX Motocross - postponed

April 6: AG Society Meeting

April 11: Star Family Circus - postponed

May 1-2: 1st Capital Vintage Market Day - postponed

May 4: AG Society Meeting

May 9-10: Chillicothe Trader Days - postponed

May 30: Midwest Wether Goat Series

June 1: AG Society Meeting

June 5-7: NBHA Barrel Race

June 16: AG Society Meeting

June 19-21: Smash-It - postponed

July 6: AG Society Meeting

July 10-12: CMTX Motocross

July 21: AG Society Meeting

August 3: AG Society Meeting

August 8-15: Ross County Fair

August 24: AG Society Meeting

Aug 30 - Sep 6: Easyriders Rodeo

September 11-12: Moose Extravaganza

September 24-27: 4-H Halloween Campout

September TBA: AG Society Meeting

October 2-4: Jeep Fest

October 3: Steer & Heifer Classic

October 5: AG Society Meeting

October 10-11: Chillicothe Trader Days

October 16-18: CMTX Motocross

November 2: AG Society Meeting

November 7: Miller Automotive Swap Day

December 14: AG Society Annual Meeting